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High Value Residency / Tax Advantages

Posted by Deborah Pira on 5 July 2021

High Value Residency

We have many years of experience dealing with high value properties and high net worth individuals. We realize that you are busy people with very specific needs and do not want to waste your time showing you properties that are not right for you. We believe it is essential to act with integrity and discretion at all times and look forward to giving you impeccable service.

Jersey is an independent, low tax jurisdiction which ranks as one of the top offshore finance centres in the world. It is a beautiful and secure island offering something for everyone with stunning beaches, countryside and an array of attractions including high end shopping and outstanding restaurants. The island also benefits from excellent schools and a first class health service. Jersey has been a haven for the wealthy and famous for many years, let us share this wonderful Island with you and we are sure you will come to love it as much as we do.

Being granted high value residency

The Chief Minister can grant ‘entitled’ status to a high value resident if he is satisfied that doing so will have a social or economic benefit, and is in the best interests of the community.

‘Entitled’ status for high value residents​

​If you are granted ‘entitled’ status, you may buy or lease property in Jersey as your main place of residence here. The Population Office normally requires that you buy or lease a high value property. 

Generally, this ​is either a property valued in excess of £1.75 million or a property previously designated as a ‘1(1)K Category’ property under the Housing (Jersey) Law 1949 (now superseded by the Control of Housing and Work Law)​​.​

How to qualify as a high value resident

If you apply to become a high value resident, you must meet the following main criteria:​

  • ​​your contribution to tax revenues is in accordance with Article 135A of the Income Tax Law
  • your residency in Jersey will benefit the Island in some way (usually business or socially)
  • you’ll need to show that you have annual worldwide earnings comfortably in excess of £725,000 per year, and this must be sustainable income. The minimum tax payable on your income is £145,000 per year, however this does not guarantee your high value residency status

Other qualifying factors

​The minister may also take into account any:​

  • voluntary work or business contribution to the local community 
  • training or sporting ini​tiatives particularly aimed at youth or educational organisations
  • actual or potential media coverage of any activities that involve your business or social life. This includes postive images such as sporting or educational achievements, and negative images relating to past business practice​
  • cultural interests or skills that have benefited a local community which could benefit Jersey
  • general lifestyle and family circumstances, including past charitable work and contributions
  • any clear undesirable factors in your background, such as a criminal record

The minister will take into account any likely local impact that you will have on taking up residence in Jersey.

The minister will also ask about your plans for further business activities in Jersey, future local employment, training, diversification and any potential resultant increased tax revenues.

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